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Broad Range Of Financing Solutions

The Partner Funding Division of Navitas Credit Corp. is a national innovator in the broker/lessor equipment financing marketplace. We deliver highly customized financing solutions to the broker community to meet the needs of their vendors and direct customers. Our partners receive flexible funding solutions for both valuable collateral types and soft/no-value collateral from $10,000 to more than $2,000,000 and from “A to B” credits.

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Superior Personal Service

Our broker/lessors have direct access to expert credit and funding analysts—no marketing or account reps to wade through. Getting quick answers to your questions is only helpful if they are the correct answers. Our highly trained analysts have the deep knowledge and decades of experience you need for rapid, accurate, common sense answers… every time.

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Our Credit Expertise

Our seasoned credit professionals look at every application to find creative ways to provide approvals that will be acceptable to the borrower and profitable for the broker. We do not use rigid automated scoring tools but instead apply our extensive product knowledge in specific equipment types and our great expertise in many unusual industries to provide a high percentage of approvals.

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Innovative Product Offerings

One size does not fit all and every broker/lessor works in a slightly different way. We strive to match each broker’s unique origination model by structuring programs to maximize those marketing efforts. In addition, we provide our funding in the manner desired by the broker: whether through brokering, assigning, discounting or portfolio sales, the broker can elect the best method of funding on a deal by deal basis.

Everything About Us

Putting our wide range of expertise to work for you, we have specialized teams that understand the specific types of equipment and unique industries you and your vendors service. We finance or lease almost any equipment type, for almost any industry. We have designed our organization with two highly specialized teams based on the equipment and credit profile of your customer. This unique structure not only enables us to expedite the processing of your transactions it also ensures you get the best credit decisions each and every time. You will work with the team that best meets your needs.

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This team specializes in underwriting transaction based on the quality and value of the asset. The analysts in this group possess the knowledge and expertise to support an extensive list of equipment categories ranging from construction, industrial and car wash equipment to specialty titled vehicles. This knowledge gives Navitas a unique credit advantage.

Specific “collateral expertise” enables this group to better assess and understand the credit risk profiles associated with these equipment categories. We know and understand the equipment and the end users that utilize these assets.


  • Broker only transactions
  • Navitas directly pays vendor
  • Navitas documents
  • Navitas as lessor/lender

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Our seasoned analysts evaluate financing transactions with various types of collateral, including many with little or no value. These “soft asset” submittals require highly specialized understanding and expertise in an extensive list of industries that range from service or software providers, medical, HOAs, energy retrofit, and equipment rental, to retail petroleum and restaurants.

Almost any type of equipment, regardless of collateral “value”, can be financed for established businesses. Our team has a deep knowledge of this credit based lending approach and are able to maximize your approval rates.


  • Broker, assign, or discount transactions
  • Navitas pays vendor OR you may (once approved)
  • Navitas documents with your brand or ours
  • Use your documents once approved

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Lending Team:


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